2016 Annual Report

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Dear Friend of Theopolis:

Sometimes you surge. Sometimes you hold steady.

2016 was a hold steady year at Theopolis.

We continued to hold intensive courses. We hosted our third Nevin Lecture series. We worked with area churches to put on the second annual Birmingham Life and Culture Lecture.

We've done all this before, and it's becoming a blessed routine.

We're praying for a surge in 2017.

I have been busy recruiting students for our Junior Fellows Program, which we hope to launch in the fall of 2017.

We have been planning to establish Theopolis outposts in other parts of the U.S. and hope to expand our overseas work.

Please join us in praying for students to fill our program.

Pray for the funds to make everything run smoothly. Pray for new opportunities to extend our work into places we haven’t yet explored.

And please help us by contributing to our work financially.

With your help, 2017 can be a great step forward in our mission.

Peter Leithart
Peter J. Leithart

Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses

We had three intensive courses during 2016.

  • In February, Scholar-in-Residence James Jordan taught a course on Exodus.
  • Leonard vander Zee led our largest course ever in May, a week on sacramental theology.
  • James Jordan led students through Leviticus at our Trinity Term course in August.

We have exciting courses coming this Spring.

  • Architect Daniel Lee will lead our Easter Term course on “Liturgical Space and Architecture” in March.
  • Polymathic political scientist A.K. Shauku will help church leaders think in fresh ways about political issues during Pentecost Term.

We continue to draw students from across the eastern United States, from Alabama, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

We had our first Theopolis graduate, Adam McIntosh, who earned a Theopolis Certificate by completing six intensive courses.

International Ministry

International Ministry

Our international work continues.

Peter Leithart spoke at a conference in Rivne, Ukraine in March, and led a seminar on Trinitarian theology at the Orthodox Academy in Kiev.

We held our first international intensive course in London.

In the early summer of 2016, James Jordan led an intensive course in Ukraine.

In-Residence Program

In-Residence Program

We were unable to launch our Junior Fellows Program in August, but we will try another launch in the fall of 2017.

Our goals remain the same. Junior Fellows will enjoy:

  • an intensive exploration of the entire Bible
  • in-depth study of the theology and history of Christian liturgy
  • an introduction to the basics of the theology of culture
  • exposure to ministries, pastors, and the wisdom of Christian lay people
  • practical ministry experience
  • the guidance of Theopolis Fellows.

Pray for our Junior Fellows Program, that it would bring an abundant harvest for the kingdom of Jesus.



Through the efforts of Brian Moats, Theopolis has increased its web presence and extended the reach of our various outlets.

We send our monthly newsletter, In Medias Res, to over 1500 subscribers.

We continue to post new content to the Theopolis blog and media page. More than 60,000 users visited the site last year.

We have expanded our followers on Twitter and Facebook.

We have a YouTube channel for lectures and sermons.

During the fall of 2016, we began a weekly podcast. Nearly 9000 people have listened to at least one episode.

We published our first ebook, Peter Leithart’s Baptismal Meditations, available on Amazon.



Theopolis President Peter Leithart published two widely-noticed books during the past year, a treatise on the atonement entitled Delivered from the Elements of the World and a work on catholicity called The End of Protestantism.

He lectured and taught in various universities, seminaries, and churches across the country, and continued to write columns and blog posts at Firstthings.com.

Two sections of James Jordan’s chant Psalter are now available at Theopolisinstitute.com. He continues to work on a commentary on Esther.

Public Lectures

Public Lectures

In February 2016, Orthodox theologian Fr. John Behr, Dean of St. Vladimir’s Seminary in Crestwood, New York, was our third Nevin Lecturer. He gave three talks on “What Protestants Should Know About Orthodoxy.” James Payton of Redeemer University College near Toronto was our respondent.

In October, poet, essayist, and critic Joseph Bottum gave our second annual Birmingham Art and Life lecture on “The Novel as Protestant Art.”

In February of 2017, Lutheran scholar Robert Kolb will be our fourth Nevin Lecturer, addressing Lutheran-Reformed disagreements in a series entitled “Must Siblings Feud?”

Please Join Us

We are confident that the Lord has called us to this work, and that He will make it prosper.

We haven’t changed our vision. We’re still dreaming big.

We dream of training courageous, creative leaders to guide the church through the tumult of the coming generation.

We dream of establishing a Theopolis beachhead on every continent.

We dream of inspiring deeper study of Scripture and richer worship throughout the church.

We dream of serving the churches of Birmingham to pursue greater catholicity.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Please help us surge ahead in the coming year.